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Does Victor Pride's Body of a Spartan Workout program truly work? Is it really the secret Spartan weapon for maximum strength gains and an impressive physique? Is it really the single best way for burning fat and getting ripped like a Spartan the natural way?

These are only a few questions this Body of a Spartan Workout Review is going to answer. Some of the enthusiastic Body of a Spartan Workout reviews out there on the internet as well as author Victor Pride's promising states on his website were reasons for my high expectations. I for myself tried out a few different workout programs like StrongLifts 5x5 or Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength before switching to Body of a Spartan. These are definitely not bad either and gave me some reasonable results, but I always felt like I needed something else. While not being aware of it back then, I now know it was the Spartan factor my workouts were missing.

In spring 2013 a good friend of mine told me about a blog called Bold&Determined run by Victor Pride (the guy in the picture) and his Spartan Workout program called Body of a Spartan.
Bold&Determined is a no-bullshit blog about bodybuilding, motivation, business, making money and living the lifestyle of winner. Victor's blog post range from 'How to Make Side Money with a Blue Collar Business' over 'How Winning is Done' or '8 Reasons Every Man Should Lift Weights' to 'How to Be a Free Man' and 'How to Become a Super-Human'.
Since this is a Body of a Spartan review, I’m going to share with you the good and less good features of the Spartan Workout eBook, the positive and negative experiences my friend and I experienced using the Body of a Spartan Workout program and how this program managed to open my eyes to weightlifting, strength- and muscle gaining. If you are interested in a strong and ripped Spartan body like author Victor Pride's one on the right then I advise you to continue on reading this review, it will not disappoint.

What is the Body of a Spartan Workout program all about?

Unlike any other book or workout program about weightlifting, bodybuilding or anything related to it, Victor Pride has a really simple but highly effective approach to working out. Using the word simple definitely doesn’t mean you will get a magic pill program to get super strong, super ripped and super cool in 21 days, it means Body of a Spartan really is a no-bullshit eBook. Not only that it doesn’t tell you any useless crap routines, but it also clears up all the ridiculous bodybuilding myths and magic pill supplement lies like:

„You need to eat every 3 hours“
„Only cardio gets you ripped“
„Be careful about over-training“
„First of all you need supplements“

If you got trapped by fitness magazines, advertisement lies and our magic pill society you will probably get your current view on working out completely destroyed by reading Victor's Body of a Spartan eBook. I have to admit... my view did get destroyed and I had my eyes opened by the Spartan mindset to the extent that I needed new clothes after three months because my back and biceps just wouldn’t fit my jacket anymore.

All of these changes were not caused by eating 10 meals and 5000 kcal a day or spending hundreds of dollars for super insane magic supplements (because those just don’t exist), but simply by following Victor’s workout philosophy. What I did was, I stopped doing well planned girly routines three times a week and started working out and lifting weights like a fucking Spartan. If that intrigues you, just go and check out the Body of a Spartan eBook here and learn more about these routines.

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Impressive words as well as impressive content?

The Body of a Spartan eBook is honest. It is passionate. And it most certainly was a lot of work. Starting with short explanations on why you should work out and how often should you work out Victor Pride doesn’t beat around the bush and gets to the main focus and exercises of the Spartan Workout without any boring bullshit.

Exercises and explanations

Before I read Body of a Spartan I always thought a book can’t properly teach you exercises and movements, but Victor once again proved me wrong. With the help of no less than 88 color photos showing himself performing different exercises he teaches the proper form and technique of Spartan Workout and weightlifting in such a basic way, even someone completely new to lifting weights would learn anything he or she needs to get in the gym and start growing some muscles without getting injured.

Routines and workout sessions

More than nine pages are dedicated to different routines and the general approach towards workout sessions. Starting out with two Spartan beginners routines, then moving on to the real deal non-beginners routine and finally the advanced Spartan workout routine. What my friend and I enjoyed the most, was the fact that Victor Pride doesn’t teach you some boring repetitive workout routine that’s the same every week, but has a different approach. By using main exercises and supplemental exercises that give everyone the possibility to vary their workout sessions based on personal preference. That still doesn't mean you can just pick your favorite exercises all day long and completely disregard those you don’t like, but it’s much less transfixed. Victor added some meaningful comments to make sure everyone understands the importance of varying workout sessions and even challenging yourself with less preferred Body of a Spartan exercises from time to time.

The never ending fat burning and dieting story

Since my friend was never actually fat, he never really had to think about his eating habits. I on the other hand have always had a few pounds too much, which I just couldn't lose. Dieting and eating habits have been part of my life for a while but in hindsight all I needed to do was lift some serious weights and follow Victors simple rules of eating habits. Victor teaches a flexible and most of the time effortless way of getting ripped Spartan six-pack abs. No counting calories, no cardio exercises (unless you need to cut a lot of weight), no eating six meals a day, and - after a small period of getting adjusted to the new diet - no hunger. Especially the only cardio burns fat myth was a real pain in the ass and although I knew about it before reading Body of a Spartan. I just didn’t realize the importance of heavy weight lifting and that's what the Spartan Workout is all about.

"Lift some weights and eat some steaks"

- Victor Pride, Body Of A Spartan

The Truth about Supplements

Have you ever heard of a guy who teaches you about the best way to workout and doesn’t want to sell you ANY supplements? Well here we go. Victor Pride is that guy. Once being an amateur weightlifter himself, he experienced all the scams and lies of the supplemental industry and now wants to save you from all those dishonest companies in order to prevent you from making the same mistakes he did. No Supplements are needed. No Steroids are needed.
There can only be one S in this book and it stands for Spartan!

Get out and kick some ass

Do you remember the books you had to read in school? They always gave me the feeling that either some highly suicidal person or someone experiencing the drugs of his life wrote all that shit. I actually believe motivation in school literature gets cut out on purpose (I couldn’t find any possible explanation yet). Now here comes the good news: Victor Pride kicks ass and gets you motivated for a living! Not literally though but he definitely could. I don’t believe the Spartans would have whined about lifting some kick ass weights. After reading Body of a Spartan you will have the determination and the fire of a whole Spartan army. I definitely experienced that for myself. Hell yes as you can see, it even made me write this Body of a Spartan Review!

"Go hard, go heavy, go fast, go home. Simple and Spartan"

- Victor Pride, Body Of A Spartan
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Body of a Spartan can’t be all good - can it?

As impressive as Body of a Spartan and Victor Pride’s approach in general is, there do exist a few negative aspects as well.

In my opinion this first point actually isn’t negative at all, but I want to mention that Body of a Spartan is not some complex, well researched fitness guide backed up by facts and statistics. But it’s not supposed to be like that. You will get an impressive eBook and Spartan Workout guide based on (like this review) true experience - trial and error. In spite of not having super elaborate studies around the world proving his words, Victor does not only guarantee that Body of a Spartan and the Spartan Workout will work for you, but also has a growing blog and community all telling the same story - Victor Pride is really a no-bullshit-just-truth guy.

So what about the things I actually disliked? First of all I would have liked maybe one or two supplemental leg exercises for the calves. At one point he does mention their use but specific exercises are nowhere to be found in Body of a Spartan. You are still going to develop some strong calves just by doing squats, deadlifts and similar exercises - at least my friend and I did.

Where I really have to disagree with Body of Spartan is the part about supplements and his Victor's "eat-only-whole-foods" mentality. The supplements industry is one big scam in itself but nevertheless there do exist some supplements that you can actually benefit from.
Protein Powder is not going to replace your whole foods but it definitely is an excellent way of getting some quick proteins and BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids increase synthesis of muscle protein and provide additional energy) if you don’t have the time for a real meal after some intense Spartan Workout. In addition, quality Whey-Protein Powder is as good of a protein source as meat is. Unless you are breeding your turkey and cattle by yourself, there isn't really that much of a difference between meat and protein powder. Yes, you don’t need it, but it saves time, is inexpensive considering the amount of protein you get and will make your new Spartan life easier.
Next we have Creatine, which is an actually working and scientifically proven product that enhances endurance and probably helps gaining muscle. Again you don’t need it, but why not take the short cut when there is nothing more to see by taking the long road.
Finally there are Vitamins. I can promise you, even if you are eating an incredible clean diet consisting of only whole foods - unless you grow everything on your own farm - you will not eat as much vitamins as you think. You will not die and you will still grow like a Spartan, but physically stressing your body day after day with intense Spartan workouts and not eating enough vitamins may not be the healthiest way to live.

Conclusion - Learn from a Spartan, become a Spartan

Body of a Spartan is by far the most honest and effective eBook and workout program about getting strong and shredded. And in fact becoming a real man, a real Spartan. It is certainly not the only way nor the most elaborate guide, but it absolutely provided me with everything I needed to get real results. I would even go as far and say, right now that there is no better way than Victor Pride’s Body of a Spartan Workout. I can endorse Victor's promise that you will get results by following the Spartan Workout. It is not always going to be easy, but it will not only give you the strength and physique of a Spartan, but also help you develop mentally, become more disciplined, more motivated, become a man, become a Spartan.

"Now it is time to get into the gym and kill it!"

- Victor Pride, Body Of A Spartan

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